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KVS (PGT-Computer Science) MOCK TEST - 06 Time Allowed: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 200 ijh{kkfFkZ;ksa ds fy, funsZ’k INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES 1. OMR mÙkj i= bl ijh{kk ds vUnj j[kk gSA tc vkidks ijh{kk iqfLrdk 1. The OMR Answer Sheet is inside this Test Booklet. When [kksyus dks dgk tk,] rks mÙkj
Transcript | | | Page 1 KVS (PGT-Computer Science) MOCK TEST - 06 Time Allowed: 3 Hours   Maximum Marks: 200   ijh{kkfFkZ;ks ds fy fun’k   INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES 1. OMR  mÙkj i= bl ijh{kk ds vUnj j[kk gSA tc vkidks ijh{kk iqfLrdk  [kksyus dks dgk tk,] rks mÙkj i= fudky dj i` B& 1  ,oa i` B& 2    ij /;ku  ls ds oy uhys ckW y is u ls fooj.k Hkjs aA 1. The OMR Answer Sheet is inside this Test Booklet. When you are directed to open the Test Booklet, take out the Answer Sheet and fill in the particulars on Side-1 and Side-2 carefully with blue ball point pen only. 2.  ijh{kk dh vof/k 3  ?kaVs gS ,oa ijh{kk esa  200  iz’u gSA dksbZ _.kkRed va du  ugha gSA 2. The test is of 3 hours duration and consists of 200 questions. There is no negative marking 3.  bl i` B ij fooj.k vafdr djus ,o   a mÙkj i= ij fu’kku yxkus ds fy,  dsoy uhys ckW y ikW baV isu dk iz;ksx djsaA 3. Use Blue Ball Point Pen only for writing particulars on this page/marking responses in the Answer Sheet. 4.  ,l iqfLrdk dk ladsr gS A.  ;g lqfuf’pr dj ysa dh bl iqfLrdk dk ladsr  ]  mÙkj i= ds i` B  -2  ij Nis ladsr ls feyrk gSA ;g Hkh lq  fuf’pr dj ysa dh  ijh{kk la[;k vkSj mÙkj i= la[;k feyrs gSA vxj ;g fHkUu gksa rks ijh{kkFkhZ  nwljh iz’u iqfLrdk vkS j mÙkj i= ys us ds fy, fujh{kd dks rq  a jr voxr  djk,aA 4. The OCDE for this Booklet is A, Make sure that the CODE printed on Side-2 of the answer sheet is the same as that on this booklet. Also ensure that you test booklet no. and answer sheet no. are the same. In case of discrepancy, the candidate should immediately report the matter to the invigilator for replacement of both the test booklet and the answer sheet. 5.  bl iqfLrdk esa nks Hkkx ¼Hkkx& 1) vkSj ¼Hkkx  -2)  gSa] ftuesa 200  oLrq  fu B  iz’u gSa] tks iz R;s d 1 vad dk gS% 5. This test booklet has two parts (Section-1 & Section -2), consisting of 200 objective type questions, each carrying 1 mark: kkx -1   Part –  1 vaxz  sth ¼iz- 1  ls iz- 20 ½ English (Q. 1 to Q. 20)  fganh ¼iz- 21  ls iz- 40 ½ Hindi (Q. 21 to Q. 40)  djs ZaV vQs ;lZ ¼iz- 41  ls iz- 60 ½ Current Affairs (Q. 41 to Q. 60)  rdZ’kf   ä ifj{k.k ¼iz- 61  ls iz- 80 ½ Reasoning (Q. 61 to Q. 80)  f’k{k.k vfHk{kerk   ¼iz- 81  ls iz- 100 ½ Teaching Aptitude (Q. 81 to Q. 100) kkx -2   Part –  2  dEI;qVj lkbal ¼iz- 101  ls iz- 200 ½ Computer Science (Q. 101-200)  ,Q dk;Z ijh{kk iqfLrdk es a bl iz;ks tu ds fy, nh xbZ [kkyh txg ij djs aA 7. Rough work should be done only in the space provided in the Test booklet for the same.  lHkh mÙkj dsoy OMR  mÙkj i= ij gh vafdr djs aA vius mÙkj /;kuiwoZd vafdr djs aA mÙkj cnyus gsrq 'osr ja td dk iz;ksx fuf k) gSA 8. The answer are to be recorded on the OMR answer sheet only. Mark your responses carefully. No whitener is allowed for changing answer. | | | Page 2 GENERAL ENGLISH Direction : Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions given below it. “No man is an Island, entire of itself… And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee”. —  John Donne What are the borders of the human spirit, the contours which shape what we call the soul? That metaphysical question gained viral urgency worldwide when a photograph of the corpse of a three-year-old boy washed up on a beach spread like wildfire over the Net. The child, whose body was picked up and carried away by an anguished border patrolman was, together with other members of his refugee family, drowned when he was trying to cross into Europe in an overcrowded and unsafe vessel from war-torn Syria. The boy is just one of the many thousands of illegal migrants from countries as disparate as Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and various parts of Africa who are desperately —  literally at the cost of their lives —  fleeing murderous civil war, rape, torture and starvation to seek sanctuary in a Europe already besieged by a host of its own internal problems, including bitter social and political dissension and, in many cases, dire economic distress and unemployment. Even as individual nations and organisations try to grapple with the problem in terms of law enforcement, emigration legalities and ethical compulsions, a number of questions arise which go beyond those constantly mutating diagrams , crisscrossed by arbitrary manmade lines called borders. Borders demarcate not just where one or more countries end and where others begin; they divide where one definition of humanity ends and another begins. A refugee,often called a displaced person, is one seeking entry, often unsanctioned, not just into another country but into the common domain of all humanity. It is this landscape of our human spirit, of the soul if you prefer, which all of us inescapably share with one another. Geographical and political borders are the illusory fault lines which conceal this essential oneness, this indivisibility. For almost 70 years, generations who have lived and died on the Indian subcontinent have been victims of a psychosomatic disorder which has yet to find mention in any dictionary of geopolitical pharmacology, but could one day come to be defined as border phobia, a form of intense paranoia which makes us believe that those who live across a line of demarcation, often drawn overnight, are to be demonized, or at least denigrated  and despised, as morally, culturally and perhaps even genetically different from we who live on this side of the mythical meridian which separates us. A line is drawn in the shifting dust of history —  through military might, colonialism, the rise and fall of rulers —  and one people become two antagonists; a single Earth becomes a segregation of strife. Even as an interdependent network of electronic communication seeks unity to make whole again a planet cruelly vivisected by economic and environmental exploitation, the forces of a fratricidal fanaticism gain ground through the cancerous growth of trans border organizations like al- Qaida, IS and other unholy alliances against humanity. Such forces reveal all too clearly that far more perilous to the human legacy than the borders marked on our maps are those unmarked barriers etched  deeply within our minds, within our consciousness as to who and what we are and to whom and what we belong. The first, haunting picture of a blue earth taken from outer space gave us an enduring emblem of the fragility of our common destiny. The photograph of a three-year-old sacrificed on the altar of mind-made borders now shows us just how endangered that destiny has become 1. What does Mutating diagrams signify in the given passage? a) Borders b) Maps c) Drawings d) Boundary 2. Which of the following can be the suitable title of the passage? a) Borders of the soul b) Political boundaries c) Military disputes d) All the above 3. Which of the following statement is Not True according to the given passage? a)   Borders divide not only countries but also humanity b)   With the growth of Trans border organsations, fratricidal fanaticism’s force faces loss of life. c)   The photograph of the dead body of a three-year-old boy got viral on internet. d)   Nations and organizations are trying to deal with the problems of law enforcement, emigration legalities and ethical compulsions. 4. Which of the following statement is/are true according to the given passage? I. Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran are among the countries from where illegal migrants move to other countries. II. A Europe is besieged by its own internal problems. III. Generations who have lived and died on the Indian subcontinent more than 70 years have been victims of border phobia. a) III b) II & I c) II d) II & III 5. What is the central idea of the passage? a)   Terrorist attacks create borders and boundaries b)   Borders vilify the humanity c)   Individual disputes among leaders create political unrest d)   All the above 6. Choose the correct preposition The river flows…….. the bridge.  a) below b) under c) into d) to 7. Find out the word correctly spelt  —  a) Accesible b) Accesibel c) Accessible d) Acessible 8. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the Bold word to till in the blank People often prefer ambiguity to ……..  a) clarity b) perversity c) rationality d) certainty 9. Pick out the correct synonym to the given word OBSCENE a) Objectionable b) Indecent c) Displeasing d) Condemnable 10. Fill in the blank from out the most appropriate word- | | | Page 3 Since one cannot read every book, one should be content with making a ………selection  a) normal b) standard c) sample d) judicious 11. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word TRANSPARENT a) Coloured b) Childlike c) Opaque d) Imminent 12. Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be Substituted for the given words A workman who fits and repairs pipes a) Mechanic b) Blacksmith c) Plumber d) Technocrat 13. To fill in the blank, from out the most appropriate word - In hot weather I like lying in the……….of a tree.  a) shadow b) shelter c) protection d) shade 14. Choose the alternative which expresses the best meaning- The given word: To give up the ghost a)   To die b)   To make false appearance c)   To terrify others by acting in suspicious manner d)   To leave useless pursuits 15. Split into simple sentence —  In the night the thief came into the garden. a) It was night. The thief came into the garden b) Night came. The thief came into the garden c) At night. The thief was in the garden d) Night fell. The thief came into the garden Directions (16 -20) : Which of the phrases given against the sentence should replace the word/phrase given in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark 'No correction required' as the answer. 16. When a man knows he is to hung with a fortnight. it concentrates his mind wonderfully. a) to be hanged in b) to hang over c) going to be d) hang out in 17. Supriya took a look at the economics and decided it was lunacy in forgo the revenue. a) leniency to have b) lunacy to forgo c) sheer to forgo d) helped to lunacy to 18. We have to ponder the question when considering a college major or embarking on a career. a) have had ponder b) have pondered out c) ponder to d) No correction required 19. Many people want to make a lot of money, but the benefits of having a high income is ambiguous. a) was ambiguous 2) were ambiguous c) are ambiguous d) in ambiguous 20. Some people are willing to make lifestyle changes because the intrinsic awards of following a passion or making a difference are more important than a high salary in an unenjoyable career. a) rewards of all b) on following c) award for d) rewards of following HINDI LANGUAGE  नदश   (21-23):  नीचे दए गए ये क  म एक  थन छूट अ है  औ ईसके नीचे  5  शद सु झए गए ह। आनम से कोइ एक ईस  थन  प ख दे ने से वह वय ऄथ पू  र वय बन जत है। सही शद को त  क ईसको ई के प म ऄं कत कजए। दए गए शद म से सव धक  ईपयु  शद क चयन कन है।  21.  वन औ ौोगक के आस यु ग म भष नत नवीन शद से  ______  हो ही है।  a) अब    b)  बलवन   c)  वृ     d)  समृ  ऺ  22.  ह वष  15  ऄगत को देश भ म वतं त दवस धू  मधम से  ______  ह। a)  मनते   b)  कते  c)  मनते  d)  गु ं जते  23. अज भी बत से सक गं व म गीब कसन को ऄपने  ______  म फंसते ह।  a)  खे ल    b)  दं व   c)  हथ    d)  चं गु ल  नदश ( 24-28):  नीचे दए गए गंश को यनपू  व क पिए औ ईस प अधत  के ई दीजए। कुछ शद को मोटे ऄ म मु त कय  गय है ,  जससे अपको कुछ  के ई दे ने म सहयत मले गी। दए  गए वकप म से सबसे ईपयु क चयन कजए।    स सै यद ऄहमद खं एक सुधवदी ने त थे। वे जीवन भ  -  समज  से व म लगे हे। आनक जम 17  ऄटूब सन्  1917  इ. म दली के एक  तत पव म अ। ये ऄपने पत सै यद मु व के सथ दब म   जय कते थे। आनक ललन  -  पलन आनके नन के घ अ थ। आनक  मतजी क धम न तथ ऄनुशसन य महल थ वह सै यद को भी ऄनुशसत खती थ। ऄपनी मत से यह बत भवत थे। ऄपने समय  के स वन से आहने फसी  , ऄबी तथ गरत क श   क। यह ईदू    के मश शय गलब के पस भी जय कते थे। बड़े भइ  क मु यु के बद यह बड़े दु खी हने लगे। दब से आहने ऄपन सं बंध  तोड़ लय औ ऄं े ज सक क नौकी को तै य हो गए। ईहने   कम के दत म मु ंशी क नौकी क। फ मु ं सफ क पी पस  क मै नपु ी म मु ं सफ के पद प नयु  ए। कुछ समय बद यह वहं से   चले अए। भइ क मृ यु के कर मत बत दु खी हती थी। ऄतः यह  ईनके पस हने लगे। आनक नयु  दली म ऄमीन पद प हो गइ। सन्  1857  के वोह को आहने बत कीब से दे ख औ “ भतीय वोह के  कर  ”  नमक पु तक क चन क। आस पु तक म आहने लख क भतीय को कनू  न बनने के कय से दू   खन ही वोह क मू  ल कर  है। आहने से न के बंध म भी सुध क मा ग क। ऄंे ज सै यद ऄहमद खं   के वच से बत भवत ए। 1869  म सै यद जी आंल ड गए। वहं क  श  ,  जीवन रली क नकट से ऄययन कय। ईनक यह धर बनी  क ऄं े ज क श रली को ऄपनक ही भत ईत क सकत है। भत के वयसय लड लटन ने एक समे लन बु लय जसम वह भतीय क वचध से पचत होन चहते थे। ईस समे लन म   केशवचंद जै न तथ वमी दयनं द सवती के सथ सै यद ऄहमद खं भी थे। आह वयसय क वधन सभ क सदय बनय गय। 1860  म  पमी ई देश म भयनक ऄकल पड़। कलेट ने हत कय आह   ही सप। आस कय को आहने बड़ी जमे दी से नभय। | | | Page 4 24.  स सै यद ऄहमद खं क ललन  -  पलन कसने कय थ  ? a)  नन ने  b)  ददी ने  c)  चच ने  d)  मौसी ने  25.  स सै यद ऄहमद खं अजीवन य कते हे ? a)  वकलत    b)  हकमी   c)  प d)  समज से व 26.  सै यद मु व क स सै यद ऄहमद खं से य त थ  ? a) भइ    b)  तउ   c)  चच    d)  पत 27.  स सै यद ऄहमद खं प कसक ऄधक भव पड थ  ? a)  पत क b)  मत क c)  ननी क d)  चच क 28.  फसी  , ऄबी तथ गरत क श सै यद ऄहमद खं को कसने दी थी  ? a) भइ ने  b)  मत ने  c)  ईनके समय के मश वन ने   d)  तउ ने  29.  कृत म वयु -  दू  षर को कम कने वली ................. वतः होती  हती है।  a)  तय b)  यऺ  c)  य d)  वय   30.  लोकसभ चु नव े  क पु नः ................... कय जन चहए।  a)  पीर b)  पगरन   c)  पलन d)  पसीमन   31.  महम गाधी चहते थे क अथक ......... के लए घेलू  -  ईोग  - धंध प बल दय जन चहए।  a)  वकस b)  ववलं बन   c)  समृ  d)  सुध     नदश   (32-35):  नलखत पं च म से च समनथ शद ह। जस  मं क म आनसे भ शद दय गय है ,  वही अपक ई है।  32. a)  ते न    b)  खनक   c) धू  स d)  सहसक    33. a)  छदम b)  तट   c)  ती    d)  कूल   34. a)  गे ह    b)  नकेतन   c)  नलय    d)  नचक 35. a)  मसृ र    b) ऄ   c)  नम    d)  पष  नदश ( A-5) :  नीचे ( A),(B),(C),(D) औ ( E)  म पा च कथन दए गए ह।  आह आस तह मब कजए क ईनसे एक ऄथ पू  र पछेद बन जए।  फ ईसके बद दए गए  के ई दीजए।  (1)  सु नते ही सय बोल  -  औ क तो एक  ,  कतु अपके ऄठह ऄं ग  टेिे ह।  (2)  एक ब एक थन प हथी  ,  बघ  ,  तोत  ,  कु  ,  बगु ल  ,  उंट अद  पशु -  पी मल गए।  (3)  ईदहर दे ते ए वह बोल  -  हथी क सू  ं ड  ,  कुे क पू  ं छ  ,  बघ के  नखू  न  ,  तोते क चच औ बगुले क गद न टेिी ह।  (4)  ईसही उंट को ऄपने न क बत ऄभमन थ।  (5)  ईसने सभी रय को सं बोधत कते ए कह -  आस दु नय म टेिे  ऄं ग वले पशुओ क भम है।  36.  पछेद क ऄं तम वय कौन  -  स होग  ? a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 37.  पछेद क पहल वय कौन  -  स होग  ? a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 38.  पछेद क चैथ वय कौन  -  स होग  ? a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 39.  पछेद क तीस वय कौन  -  स होग  ? a)1 b)2 c)3 d)5 40.  पछेद क दू  स वय कौन  -  स होग  ? a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 CURRENT AFFAIRS 41. Name the Ahmedabad based detergent maker that has agreed to acquire Lafarge India’s 11 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) cement assets for Rs 9,300 crore ($1.4 billion). a) Surf Excel b) Sunlight c) Nirma d) Ghari 42. The Finance Ministry has imposed definitive anti-dumping duty on purified terephthalic acid (PTA) imports from five countries recently. Which of the following countries is not them? a) China b) Iran c) Kenya d) Indonesia 43. Which ministry has constituted a cyber-cell to check the online abuse and harassment of women and children on social media platforms? a) Ministry of Minority Affairs b) Ministry of External Affairs c) Ministry of Home Affairs d) Ministry of Women and Child Development 44. In 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme recommended to observe 11 July as World Population Day. This year's (2016) theme is......................? a) Investing in teenage girls b) Information about their health, human rights and reproductive c) Aim to end child marriage d) Leaders and communities must focus on Population 45. Name the former India footballer and the country's first full time 'diamond' coach has died recently? a) Sanjay Dhyani b) Liaqat Ali c) Amal Dutta d) Sreejith Kamal 46. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the disinvestment of how much per cent paid-up equity in NBCC India Ltd out of Government’s 90 per cent shareholding recently? a) 12 per cent b) 25 per cent c) 20 per cent d) 15 per cent
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